Are Online Doctorates Legitimate?

For many, the biggest worry and concern surrounding online doctorates relates to their legitimacy—whether or not they are “real.” In short, the answer is yes—online doctorates are real, esteemed qualifications that intelligent persons around the globe strive to secure, and many employers around the globe look for when bring new professionals on board. What’s more is that top online doctorates, in addition to boosting the career potential of individuals, also provide something of a confidence boost to those who complete them.

But the reality of the situation is that many prospective online doctorate earners require a bit more information—solid facts—to fully convince them of the educational tools’ capabilities. For these individuals and anyone else who’s interested, let’s take a look at some factors that demonstrate the legitimacy of online doctorates!

Online Doctorate Programs are Diverse

The first testament to the legitimacy of online doctorate programs is the fact that they are diverse in style and nature; in other words, online doctorates can be earned in a number of specific career spheres. This means that, as opposed to the common misconception of a single, all-encompassing doctorate, multiple degrees exist for a massive number of professions, from medicine to education and everything in-between.

Online Doctorate Programs Aren’t Easy to Complete

To be sure, online doctorate programs are convenient, affordable, and accessible opportunities for individuals looking to further their education and professional capabilities. However, it’d be a mistake to assume that these programs can be completed with minimal effort. On the contrary, online doctorate programs are carefully crafted, and require individuals to study and apply themselves.

This considerable difficulty is another factor that supports the legitimacy of online doctorates, as well as their afforded educational benefits.

Reputable Online Doctorates are Widely Recognized

Reputable online doctorates, more than being signified by a suffix and a certificate of achievement, are widely recognized and appreciated by countless experts in a number of industries across the world. Furthermore, the inherent respect online doctorates garner from these industry experts—the ample ways the honors set job candidates apart from the competition—cannot be understated, and moreover, they may be the difference between beginning a fantastic job as opposed to being bested by a similarly qualified individual.

Online Doctorates are Created by Career Experts for Future Career Experts

The greatest guarantee offered by online doctorates to unsure individuals—the most irrefutable testament to their validity, legitimacy, and value—can be found in the fact the programs are made and developed by career experts for future career experts. Therefore, when completing one of these programs, individuals aren’t just picking up potentially useful information “here and there.” Rather, they are benefiting from data, tips, and knowledge that will last a lifetime, and moreover, that will help transform any professional resume into that of a career expert.

Simply put, the respect of fellow peers afforded by online doctorates is second in significance only to the benefit of becoming a true, undeniable career expert.

Hopefully this information convinced readers of the remarkable positives associated with online doctorates.

Thanks for reading, and remember that making the decision to begin an online doctorate program today makes one closer to achieving the qualification tomorrow!