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The process of earning your doctorate from one of the top online PhD programs can be a lengthy and academically rigorous process. To accomplish this, students typically attend school for at least five additional years, though some of the fastest online PhD programs can be completed in less time, including many of the best international online PhD programs now offered. Relatively few people succeed in obtaining this type of degree. The Census Bureau reports that only 1.2 percent of Americans over 24 years of age possess doctoral degrees. However, there are a number of valuable benefits to be gained from earning a Ph.D.

Benefits of a Doctoral Degree

People with doctorates have access to a wide range of careers and face less competition when they seek employment. This makes it possible for most doctoral graduates to find jobs. Just 1.7 percent of Americans with health, science or engineering doctorates were unemployed in late 2008, according to the National Science Foundation. The jobless rate is slightly higher for people who have other types of Ph.D.s. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 2.5 percent of all Americans with doctorates were unemployed in 2012.

Americans significantly increase their salaries by obtaining Ph.D.s. Individuals with doctoral degrees earn an average of $3.25 million before they retire, according to U.S. News and World Report. People who have master's degrees generally receive about $580,000 less. The government reports that doctors had median earnings of $1,624 per week in 2012. This surpasses the earnings of Americans with bachelor's degrees by $558. Our ranking of the Most Affordable Online PhD Programs can help you find a doctoral program that's right for your budget.

A Ph.D. can greatly enhance an individual's status in society. Many prestigious careers require doctoral degrees. Some doctors work in the medical industry as physicians, dentists, pharmacists or researchers. These careers are available throughout the nation, and most of them offer excellent job security. An individual with a Ph.D. may also find work as a professor, astronomer, engineer or author.

People who earn doctorates gain the right to use the title "doctor." This carries a variety of career and social benefits. A person who uses this title is usually taken seriously by the public and viewed as an authority. People are more likely to trust the advice of a doctor. This title can bring about greater success in writing, broadcasting, marketing and even politics. For example, an author with a Ph.D. will probably sell more copies of a book on nutrition.

Finding the Right Online PhD Program

A doctoral degree opens up many opportunities for success. However, one should not attempt to earn a doctorate unless he or she has adequate time and financial resources. It is also important to recognize that a doctor may need to relocate to find suitable employment in a certain field. As with any college degree, the process of earning and using a Ph.D. requires extensive planning. Selecting the right online doctoral program for your unique situation takes time and effort. Online PhD Programs is here to help make the process a little quicker and easier.

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