Top 5 Fully Funded PhD Programs in Education

Earning a PhD in Education is a great way for practicing educators to transition into a career at the collegiate level. Fully funded PhD programs in education afford attendees the ability to focus solely on school and advance their careers without breaking the bank. The PhD in Education prepares candidates for careers that are scholarly or research based, such as working at government institutions, colleges and universities, even policy or educational centers. There are quite a few specializations that students can choose from.

In this list we have compiled the Top 5 fully funded PhD programs found across the nation in the field. Fully funded means students have the chance to get a variety of aid options from grants, scholarships, residencies and more to fund their education while pursuing their PhD in Education.

1. The University of Michigan School of Education

The University of Michigan School of Education encourages all PhD students to think rigorously and demonstrate an ability to make a difference in education. The fully funded PhD program produces leaders, policymakers, and researchers dedicated to improving the state of education country and worldwide. The School of Education offers a PhD in Educational Studies in a number of areas of focus: Educational Policy,  Leadership and Innovation, Literacy, Language, and Culture, or Mathematics Education to name a few. There are also three additional PhD degrees in English and Education, Education and Psychology or Higher Education.

Funding packages with the Michigan School of Education are flexible and plenty. Doctoral students receive a minimum of four years of financial support which covers items like tuition, a stipend for living expenses, and health insurance. This insurance will even cover health and dental benefits for students’ family members, an invaluable benefit for many students when considering the rising costs of healthcare. All students who participate in the fully funded PhD program are assigned a 20-hour-per-week assignment. This might include filling roles as a research or staff assistant, or as an instructor.

2. Vanderbilt Peabody College

Vanderbilt University has long been a mecca for students striving to become the ‘best of the best’ in their fields, and located in Nashville, Tennessee, a thriving city and center for industries like healthcare and higher education, it’s easy to see why so many students excel through the university’s world-class programs. The Vanderbilt Peabody College offers a couple of fully funded PhD programs in Education through the Leadership, Policy and Organizations department. Two concentrations can be selected: K-12 Educational Leadership and Policy (ELP), and Higher Education Leadership and Policy (HELP).

The PhD program is for students and educators who wish to build an academic career focused on the study of education and policy, and with the university’s unique mentor-apprentice model, students gain knowledge through researched based assistantships alongside esteemed faculty. All Peabody College PhD students receive full tuition funding. The funding is achieved through merit awards or University Tuition Scholarships. Typically, students will also benefit from health insurance coverage and may participate in University Fellowships, Graduate Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Research Assistantships, Traineeships, and Teacher Training Awards.

3. The Teachers College at Columbia University

The Teachers College at Columbia University is one of the most prestigious teacher’s colleges in the nation. The fully funded PhD program in Education covers three curricular domains: academic and developmental analysis, organizational and institutional analysis, and social or cultural and civic analysis all in relation to postsecondary education. Students work closely with expert faculty to develop their emphasis areas over the course of their study at CU. The program prepares students as leaders in research positions or as faculty at universities worldwide.

Full funding is available for all attendees through scholarships and fellowships, plus grants and loans. Students can serve as research or teacher assistants plus benefit from covered tuition costs and help with career placement after completing their degree.  The City Year Scholarship Interest Form, the LGBTQ Diversity Scholarship, and the Arthur Zankel Urban Fellowship are three avenues by which students can receive comprehensive funding.

4. The Steinhardt School at New York University

The Steinhardt School at New York University is known for offering a one-of-a-kind approach to the integration of education, communication, heath, and the arts. It is no surprise that this innovative approach produces leaders and fosters social change in education across the nation. It’s easy to talk about helping others but it’s another thing to see students in action doing it, and the Steinhardt School exemplifies NYU’s commitment to public service. The fully funded PhD program in Education through the Department of Teaching and Learning is a fully-integrated program that utilizes classroom learning, on the field experiences, and research opportunities to produce well-rounded leaders in the field. Some areas of focus include History, Social Studies and Global Education, Early Childhood and Childhood Education, or Science and Environmental Education.

The Steinhardt School offers a couple of fully funded PhD programs for full-time students at NYU who are not eligible for alternate funding sources. The Steinhardt Fellow Program includes an annual stipend, tuition remission for required coursework, and student health insurance through the fourth year. Research Assistantships are funded by external grans and students agree to work 20 hours per week on an assigned research project. For the duration of the assistantship students get benefits such as tuition remission for required coursework, student health insurance, and a stipend for living expenses.

5. The University of Colorado at Boulder

In 2016 the University of Colorado at Boulder was thrilled to announce that 100% of all graduate and doctoral students were employed within six months of graduation. Therefore, it goes without saying the ROI for participating in a fully funded PhD program at the University of Colorado is and invaluable experience. A couple of the fully funded programs include concentrations in C&I Math and Science Education or Educational Equity & Cultural Diversity. All the programs focus on the complex interconnects found between society, government, and education while focusing on top social issues such as sexual diversity, gender, social class, race and multiculturalism.

Paying for education is easy at the University of Colorado at Boulder. All doctoral programs are fully funded and attendees receive generous funding packages for the duration of their enrollment. Stipends and grants cover tuition costs and graduate assistantships further prepare students for careers in research or higher education, and as leaders.