10 Best Online DBA Project Management Degrees 2018

Project Managers, by trade, wear many hats and as business experts, they must take all the moving parts and ensure each work in sync with the next…it is no simple task. However, earning an online Doctoral Degree in Project Management can help successful professionals gain the skills necessary to manage and lead in large fortune 500 companies, innovative start-ups, and worldwide corporations. The research-oriented degree will help professionals hone their skills and prepare them as leaders in competitive markets while offering flexibility in learning so students can maintain their careers while earning their degrees. Today, because companies more and more work in a global market, the need for project management specialists is rising. In fact, according to the 2013 Talent Gap Project Management Report, more than $15.7 million new project management jobs are projected over the coming decade.

Doctoral Degree Options

Doctoral degrees in Project Management are in demand more now than ever before, but the programs are still few and far between. Historically students wishing to pursue a degree at the doctoral level have had two options. One, they can earn a PhD or Doctoral degree in a program that offers a concentration in Project Management, such as a Doctor of Management Degree. Or they can obtain a DBA in Project Management. Both are equally desirable by employers and companies seeking candidates with doctoral level education. Today students will also find a PhD program in Project Management, as offered by Drexel University. These programs have blossomed out of the need for educators at the doctoral level in the project management field.

1. Liberty University

Liberty University, located in Southwest Virginia, is a conservative, Christian institution where academics reflect Christ-based learning. The university offers degrees from the baccalaureate to doctoral levels. The Doctorate of Business Administration in Project Management at Liberty University is one of the most affordable in the nation and can be completed fully online. The program focuses on providing advanced training in areas like professional or quality management, and human resource development. The course offered challenge students to evaluate, strategize, and execute successful projects while in school that will translate to their professional careers. Students can complete the program while still maintaining their current careers, and can enroll full or part time.

Cost: $$$$$

2. Walden University

The DBA in Project Management offered through Walden University teaches the necessary skills for students to deliver strategic objectives in the professional arena by using dynamic project portfolio management. The program is focused on project-based strategic leadership and graduates go on to succeed as leaders and innovators in their companies. Additionally, the online DBA in Project Management at Walden puts a special emphasis on writing and critical-thinking skills at the doctoral level. The program takes 60-semester credits to complete and knowing many students attend part-time while keeping their careers full time, Walden University gives students up to eight years to obtain their degree. In addition to all coursework, online students are required to attend two 4-day residencies, plus complete a capstone project and dissertation or doctoral study with advisor approval.

Cost: $$$$$

3. Webster University

Founded in 1915, in St. Louis, Missouri, by Sisters of Loretto, Webster University was originally one of the first Catholic women's colleges west of the Mississippi River. Today the institution boasts a global and action-oriented mission that permeates all departments. Webster University supports the idea that some of the most innovative changes in the business world today think beyond conventional wisdom––and Walker Business School attendees seeking their online Doctor of Management can expect to participate in and learn from an unconventional approach to problem-solving and critical thinking through doctoral level academics. The Doctor of Management program, with an online Project Management Graduate Certificate, is a great way for students to combine online learning with on-campus experiences. The curriculum focuses on leadership and organizational change, and integrates theory and practice. The program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Students from around the world attend Webster University, and the Walker Business School annually.

Cost: $$$$$

4. Drexel University

Drexel University is known as house one of the best schools of engineering not only in the nation, but worldwide. Students from around the globe come to Drexel for its competitive, accredited, and top-notch engineering programs in both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Through the College of Engineering, Drexel University now offers a PhD in Project Management, a unique and one of a kind opportunity. The program was developed and designed to support the increasing need for project management experts and educators with doctoral level degrees. Graduates can expect to pursue careers in academia, research, teaching and training, or consulting. The 90 credit hours, or 45 post-MS hours, can be completed in part online, although some residency is required. In addition, students complete an advisor-approved dissertation and defense before earning their degree.

Cost: $$$$$

5. Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University offers a Doctorate of Management degree in Project Management. The program focuses on project planning, tracking, analyzing and reporting techniques and the identification and solving of problems. Students can complete the curriculum online with a small residency component. Knowing that many students need to maintain their careers while obtaining their degrees, CTU offers multiple start dates for the program throughout the year. Attending full-time students can expect to complete the program in three years, though part-time options are available and flexible online course scheduling allows students to build a schedule that works for them. Also taking into consideration the cost of school, Colorado Tech's tuition costs are competitive and students can get an estimate of their potential costs, savings and graduation date with this online calculator.

Cost: $$$$$

6. City University of Seattle

Located in the bustling metropolis of Seattle, City University has long been known as one of the best online platforms for a private university in the state of Washington. The private nonprofit university is a part of the National University System and is accredited through the doctoral level. Courses are offered both online and on campus. Using state-of-the-art technology like Professor Live Chat and highly interactive teaching model, City University takes online learning to the next level. Students interested in obtaining a doctoral degree in Project Management. They may receive a DBA in Project Management or a DBA with an online Graduate Certificate in Project Management. Both options can be completed fully or partially online and require 91 credit hours of work, including the dissertation.

Cost: $$$$$

7. Capella University

Capella University claims to ‘take the lead in project management' and with their competitive PhD in Project Management program it is no surprise. Earning a PhD in Project Management prepares students as leaders in the world of academia and research and Capella University graduates go on to teach others at accredited universities and institutions across the world. Attendees have the chance to expand their project management and business expertise through online coursework and challenging and innovative research. In addition to coursework, no residencies are required though students must complete an advisor-approved dissertation before graduating. The degree can be earned fully online.

Cost: $$$$$

8. LIGS University

LIGS University offers one of the few 100% online PhD degrees with a Project Management specialization. The program is flexible and can be adjusted to allow students to keep their careers full time while attending school part-time, and students may enroll at any time a year. The program consists of ten courses, six of which reflect the Scientific research module. Then two courses reflect the student's specialization and two courses are taken as electives. Research and publication activity is an integral part of the program, and therefore coursework is writing intensive. It takes at minimum, if attending full time, two years to complete the PhD program. LIGS University is a unique and accredited fully online university that follows the Oxford tutorial model which is built on one-to-one education, meaning each online student receives a specific lecturer for each subject and for advisement. Flat rate competitive tuition prices makes it easy for students to pay for college regardless of their location.

Cost: $$$$$

9. Atlantic International University

The Doctor of Project Management (PhD) program, offered through the School of Business and Economics at Atlantic International University, combines theory and practice to create leaders in academia and research in the field of Project Management. Students fill leadership roles and serve as innovators in educational settings across the nation after obtaining their PhD from Atlantic International. The program is designed to advance the professional development of management graduates and professionals. As a unique feature, students at the doctoral level also participate in computer science study and research in order to develop a foundation of computer science theory doubled with practical field knowledge. Students also benefit from flexible scheduling, full or part-time attendance, and advisement and career services.

Cost: $$$$$

10. Northcentral University

The Project Management Specialization through Northcentral University is focused on examining all aspects of managing business projects from cost estimates to budget management, risk assessment to contracts, performance and reporting. Through close mentorship with professor's students gain the knowledge needed to obtain careers as leaders in their fields. Each student is paired with doctorate level staff for one-to-one, personalized advisement. NCU offers weekly course starts all year long and no scheduled lecture hours, so students can flex class time around their busy careers and other commitments like family. Students can earn the DBA with a Project Management specialization. Northcentral University was founded in 1996 as a fully online institution that seeks to provide quality education via accessible pathways for working professionals around the world.

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