3 High Paying Careers in Human Resources

If you were looking at a list of careers in Human Resources, a few of them should catch your eye based on the salary alone. There are several high paying HR positions available to those willing to put in a little extra work in school, and a little more effort on the job. Some of these positions require advanced credentials like a PhD in Human Resources or HR Development, or a PhD in Leadership, and require a fair amount of work experience. According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, however, the pay is well worth it. The average HR job salary is around $55k. It is twice that, $110k, for human resources management jobs. The question is why stop there if it is a job you love, and a salary that cannot be turned down? If a Human Resources career is in your future, set your sights on these three top paying careers in Human Resources.

1. Vice President of Human Resources/ Senior HR officer (CHRO)

Average median salary – $214,427

The CHRO of a large corporation is in charge of all Human Resource management, including HR systems, policies, and goals. Some other titles of CHRO positions are Executive Vice President of Human Resources, and Senior or Chief Personnel Officer. The CHRO must have excellent social skills. They oversee every aspect of the HR department, which means recruiting, training, and developing personnel for the corporation. The CHRO also writes or approves salary contracts, labor relations documents including union negotiations where applicable, employee benefits, services, and policies for the corporation to follow. A CHRO may be in charge of board member selection and providing workplace and policy orientation to new recruits. Skills like critical decision making, leadership, and business savvy are essential in the human resource field. One to two decades of work experience in the human resource field is highly recommended before trying this.

2. HR Director

Average Salary range- $89,500-$142,860

In most companies, all HR activity goes through the HR Director. The HR Director job duties include creating and implementing company policies and recruiting new hires. The HR director also works to provide insurance issues, along with pensions, promotions, benefit plans for his or her staff members. All programs that the HR director creates must fit into the company's budget plan. Occasionally the HR director position is offered to existing employees that have gained the necessary experience and qualifications for the job. At least five years in the Human Resources field is needed to obtain this position.

3. Compensation and Benefits Manager (CBM)

Average annual Salary range- $87,500-$94,291

The compensation and benefits manager works to implement or select programs specifically about salary/wages and benefits of employees in their corporation. In large companies, the CBM is considered a high-level executive position. The CBM modifies and reviews the programs to their company's needs. The CBM must have a good grasp of the business of compensation and all the perks that come with the job. The Compensation and Benefits Manager knows how the company works, how to match employee demands and know what to do when or if budget constraints occur. The CBM also analyzes policies and government regulations and develops a competitive compensation plan for employees.

Other high paying HR positions are:

Training and Development manager- Average annual salary- $87,700
Human Resources Consultant- Average annual salary- $87,000
Labor relations Specialist- Average annual salary- $83,298
Executive Recruiter- Average annual salary- $78,785