Job Prospects for PhDs

The news surrounding the job prospects for people who hold a Ph.D. can be discouraging for anyone who wants to pursue this degree. There are positive aspects of the job outlook for people who have a Ph.D., but finding a full-time job at this level requires a person to know some tips and tricks to the process. Pursuing higher education offers great rewards for people who are willing to take the time to work for these benefits.

Jobs That Require a Ph.D.

The naysayers that claim that people who earn a Ph.D. won’t be able to find a job are probably not aware of the positions that require a Ph.D. Investopia notes that there are six positions that require a Ph.D., and there are financial and personal benefits to pursuing these positions.

Professors who would like to receive compensation for conducting research and teaching classes simultaneously must have a Ph.D. College professors who are eligible for a position based on professional experience will not be conducting research or publishing papers while being paid by a university.

Anthropologists also need to hold a Ph.D. if they would like to conduct research in the field. Professionals in this field can be assistants or adjunct professors if they do not have a doctoral degree, but the pay scale for anthropologists with undergraduate degrees is low.

Other fields that rely heavily on research require that a professional obtain a Ph.D. if they would like to be a researcher instead of an assistant. Research scientists, astronomers and physicists are all likely to need a Ph.D.

Job Prospects For Ph.D.s

National Public Radio (NPR) reports that there is a job shortage for people who have a doctoral degree. The news is not all bad. Having a Ph.D. can help a person land a job if they choose to obtain a degree in a technical field.

Long-term job stability is more important to people who have a Ph.D. than the short-term job outlook. It is not as common for a person with a doctoral degree to be offered a position before graduation as it is for students completing an undergraduate program, and many recent graduates struggle with short-term unemployment that can be frustrating when school debt needs to be paid back. A doctoral degree in a technical field like engineering is more likely to mean that a person will find a stable job that they will stay at for the long term, but it may take several months to find a position.

The bottom line for anyone who wants to earn a Ph.D. is that there are long-term job opportunities that offer generous salaries. However, recent graduates must learn to practice patience when searching for a position. The right job can be found by being proactive about sending letters of interest and going on interviews.