9 Top Online Post-Graduate Schools in Oregon

If you’re interested in pursuing an education but can’t make the time or travel commitment of being on-campus multiple times a week, online education might be the right path for you. You’ll find many different schools offer online degrees and programs, but they aren’t all of the same quality. Here are the 9 Top Online Post-Graduate Schools in Oregon for 2020. 


If you live in Oregon or are interested in studying in Oregon, then the following 9 Top Online Post-Graduate Schools in Oregon can help you begin to find the right school.

Many of these schools offer degrees that can be completed entirely online with no on-campus requirement at all. Some of the schools offer hybrid programs where most of the coursework is completed online, and students attend occasional on-campus intensives.

When considering the advantages and disadvantages of each school, you’ll find differences in their program design, degrees offered, and overall cost of enrollment. Some state schools offer discounted tuition for in-state residents, which might be a motivating factor to choose an Oregon school if you live within the state.

You should also consider how the program is delivered and how you learn best. For instance, most of these programs have an asynchronous course design where you can log in and learn whenever your schedule allows. Others may have pre-scheduled meeting times where you need to be available, so think about what your work and life schedule will accommodate. You may also be able to study part-time, full-time, or even explore accelerated learning options that will allow you to complete your degree sooner.


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Oregon State University offers more than 55 online undergraduate and graduate degree programs through its Oregon State Ecampus. Students may choose from more than 1,200 online courses in over 100 subjects. All of the online classes are developed by the same faculty who teach on-campus classes. The asynchronous class delivery allows online learners to log in at times that are convenient for them, making this program ideal for students who are balancing busy lives and work obligations with the school. Students often interact with peers through email or online discussion boards, and instructors offer personalized feedback via phone or video conferencing. Students’ OSU Ecampus courses appear on their transcript just like on-campus courses, and Ecampus students receive diplomas that are identical to the diplomas that OSU campus-based students receive. OSU Ecampus programs are regarded as being some of the best in the nation. In 2019, the U.S. News & World Report ranked OSU’s online bachelor’s programs as #3 in the entire nation. The year 2019 is the fifth year that OSU Ecampus programs have ranked in the top 10. The OSU Ecampus offers tremendous variety in its online programs, with options in agricultural sciences, business, engineering, environmental sciences, fisheries and wildlife sciences, liberal arts, and more.

Format: Online


Portland State University offers accredited online degree programs designed to give students flexibility while also maintaining high academic standards. Through PSU Online, students can enroll in 10 bachelor’s degrees, eight master’s degrees, and certificate, endorsement, and licensure programs. All PSU Online programs are taught by the same faculty who teach the on-campus courses. Students can video conference with faculty, and they’ll collaborate with their peers to work on group assignments. Tuition for online programs varies depending on the program, but PSU tuition is low and affordable. Most online students receive financial aid, and can also apply for the same scholarships available to on-campus students. PSU Online students work independently, but they enjoy many different support services during their education. Academic advising helps students to enroll in the right programs they’ll need to achieve their career goals, and career services can help students prepare for the workforce. Online student tech support staff can help students address concerns about online security, hardware, software, and connection speed. Through PSU’s online peer-to-peer tutoring, students can get support in math, sciences, study skills, and more. If students live more than 30 miles from campus, they can have PSU library books delivered to their home and can access online article delivery. With such diverse resources and a comprehensive program, it’s no surprise that in 2018, the U.S. News & World Report included PSU in its ranking of the Most Innovative Colleges.

Format: Online


George Fox University offers most of its programs in a traditional format, but several programs are available in hybrid formats or even entirely online. Most online programs are graduate programs, with options available in education, business, and five different master and doctoral seminary programs. George Fox University also offers a unique selection of adult degree programs which allow adults to finish working on their Bachelor’s Degrees’ online. Adult students may pursue a bachelor of arts degree in Project Management, Healthcare Administration, Management and Organizational Leadership, or Social and Behavioral Studies through this program, and may finish their degrees in as little as 16 months. Third parties consistently recognize George Fox University for both the quality and value of its education. Forbes ranked George Fox among the top 10 Best Religiously Affiliated Colleges in the nation. 

Format: Online


Concordia University – Portland’s online degree offerings provide students with a Christian liberal arts education with the flexibility to fit into a busy life. Students from all 50 states, 11 countries, and six territories are all enrolled in Concordia’s online student body. Through online learning, students from across the country and the world get to work together. Concordia’s online classes have small sizes, ranging from 6 to 18 students, which creates a dynamic that fosters teamwork and camaraderie, even at a distance. Concordia offers online bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs in a variety of fields. The comprehensive College of Education online programs includes degrees in education, educational leadership, early childhood education, and more.

Additionally, students may enroll in an online Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security and Emergency Management, as well as a Master of Business Administration through Concordia’s School of Management. The College of Health and Human Services also offers an online Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Administration. Students who complete online degrees receive the same diploma and transcript that on-campus students earn. To keep education affordable, online students may apply for a variety of scholarships, grants, and awards. Students may also be eligible for federal financial aid, military benefits, and monthly payment plans. In some cases, an employer may also offer tuition reimbursement.

Format: Online


Corban University offers five programs entirely online, allowing students to access a quality Christian education remotely. Students may complete degrees in Business: Accounting, Business: Marketing, Business: Leadership and Management, Psychology: Family Studies, and Psychology: Pre-Clinical/Counseling. These online degrees give students the scheduling flexibility needed to balance education with a busy life. Because students are not required to come to campus, these degrees are accessible for learners all over the country. While students may be distanced from the campus, the 13:1 student-to-faculty ratio maintains small class sizes so faculty can provide students with individualized attention. An academic advisor continues to serve as a resource to each student throughout the program, helping to position them for success.

Corban University allows students to transfer previous college credits, and students may be able to earn credit for work experience or previous training. While Corban University keeps tuition rates low, online students may also apply for federal student aid and may be eligible for military benefits. Oregon students may be eligible for state-specific scholarships, and all online undergraduate students are eligible for a scholarship that covers the final 10% of their tuition. This Corban University Online Scholarship could reward students with as much as $5,040 upon the completion of their degree. The U.S. News & World Report has included Corban in its Best Universities in the West ranking.

Format: Online


Multnomah University offers a variety of undergraduate, graduate, and seminary programs online, allowing students around the country to access a quality MU education. Online bachelor’s degrees in Applied Psychology, Bible and Theology, and Business Management allow students to take the first step in their education without traveling to campus. Students may also pursue a Master of Arts in Global Development and Justice, a Master of Arts in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, and a Master of Science in Management and Leadership. A variety of seminary degrees, including a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies and a Master of Divinity, round out the varied online offerings. Online students can access their courses through iOS and Android Canvas apps, then seamlessly transition from their phone to tablet to desktop, depending on where their life takes them each day. MU fosters a sense of community among its online students, and students communicate with classmates and professors via discussions, email, chat, and video conferencing.

Format: Online


Western Seminary has one of four campuses located in Portland, Oregon. Founded in 1927, over 6,000 students have graduated from Western Seminary. Today, Western Seminary’s online degrees allow even more students to access its quality education options founded in the Gospel. Western Seminary first explored distance learning in 1981 with the use of VHS tapes. Today, the institution’s Integr@te learning system brings classrooms right to students’ web-based devices. Each online class incorporates video lectures of Western Seminary’s faculty or ministry practitioners. Presentation materials, notes, and additional resources further enhance the online courses. Students also receive Logos Bible Software which allows them to remotely access the theological library no matter where in the world they’re located. Unlike other institutions, Western Seminary allows students to retain access to every course, so they can refer back to their studies whenever they may need them. Students may take a variety of programs online, including a Master of Divinity, Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, Master of Arts in Ministry and Leadership, a Graduate Studies Diploma, and a Graduate Studies Certificate. Additional programs are offered as hybrid models with students taking some coursework online and traveling to campus. On-campus students may also choose to take online courses.

Format: Online


Oregon Health & Science University offers two online degrees. The Master of Nursing in Nursing Education is linked to the nationally known Oregon COnsortium Nursing Education curriculum. This program is for students who have a bachelor’s degree and who aspire for a career as faculty in a school of nursing or as a staff educator in a healthcare organization. Available in both full-time and part-time progressions, this degree consists primarily of online courses with some face-to-face intensives. Students may also opt to take the Health Systems & Organizational Leadership online program. Nurses will acquire skills that will prepare them to lead in front-line positions, in project management, quality improvement, or in other management and leadership positions. OHSU is the only public, academic health center in Oregon. It serves to educate physicians, nurses, dentists, and health care professionals through an innovative curriculum and valuable tools and experiences. OHSU consists of five schools and colleges, including the School of Dentistry, the School of Medicine, and the School of Nursing.
Format: Online


The University of Western States offers high-quality healthcare education through a variety of graduate and professional programs. UWS was founded in 1904 and currently offers multiple degrees online. Students may complete the Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology, the Master of Science in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, the Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, the Ed.D. in Mental Health Counseling, and a variety of continuing education courses. A variety of hybrid programs are also available. Online courses at UWS allow students from diverse backgrounds to learn from each other. Assigned readings and lectures complement this peer learning. The online classes follow a weekly modular schedule that enables students to log on at the times that are most convenient for them. Rather than having to alter their work and life schedules to accommodate predetermined meeting times, students enjoy the flexibility of an education that works around their schedules. The online learning system is user-friendly, and the program design facilitates a sense of connection and open communication between students and faculty.
Format: Online