50 Top Online PhD Programs

Online Ph.D. degrees are now an accepted, accredited vehicle for students who can’t spend full or even part time on campus. Some of the most prestigious schools now offer 100 percent online programs, geared towards graduate students who need to work (and support families) around class schedules.

Other schools offer hybrid programs asking students to show up a few times a year at the campus. But what’s really exciting are the vast number of really exciting fields open to graduate students working towards their Ph.D.s

What follows are some of the interesting ones, and where those programs are offered. Understand, despite our numbering convention, we are not implying that one field is more lucrative than another. Like any kind of work employment, what you earn is based on a number of factors, including your own motivation and the company you work for. The sites were specifically picked from major universities, mixed in with some on-line only universities.

In order to make the listing the program had to be from an accredited school, plus be ranked in the top 50 programs by U.S. News and World Report, Bloomberg News, and Forbes, in their past listings of Ph.D. programs. Uniqueness also counted. The over-riding idea was to present a vast array of options for the graduate student.

1. Doctor of Science in Information Systems

Program is available at Dakota State University

D.Sc. in Information Systems will give you a strong command of applications and research practices, and prep you to develop and support new IT innovations.
You’ll have the opportunity to do plenty of research and produce a written dissertation on a cutting-edge information systems topic as part of this popular program.

Possible job titles
• Professor
• Researcher for the government, a private company, or academic setting
• IS director or manager for a corporation or data-intensive industry such as banking and finance

D.Sc. in Information Systems program is either at the school itself, or offered completely online.

2. Doctor of Education, Global Training and Development

Program is offered at North Central University

The specialization in Global Training and Development is designed to educate tomorrow’s leaders in the field of training and performance improvement. In this specialization, you combine theory, research and practical application as you critically analyze needs and evaluate the influences of how performance improvement and training should be designed.

Students will examine principles of organizational leadership, human resources, adult education and organizational change, and research emerging trends for solution-driven effectiveness. As a graduate, you will be prepared to pursue leadership positions involving international training programs, consulting or higher education.

3. Doctorate of Nursing Practice

Program offered at: Ball State University

The Ball State doctorate of nursing practice (DNP) program is a post-master’s degree program for nurse practitioners, clinical nurse specialists, and nurse midwives.

You will be prepared with skills to assume leadership positions in nursing practice impacting health care outcomes at the clinical and organizational level. We provide a strong focus on scholarly practice that includes translation of research in practice, evaluation of practice, and improvement in health care and outcomes at individual and population levels.
The program is designed for a part-time plan of study. Courses are offered completely online. You will complete clinical experiences in your own community under the direction of course instructors and project faculty advisors. Mandatory annual one day meetings can be attended on campus or via distance technology.

5. Doctorate of Philosophy in Personal Financial Planning

Program offered at Kansas State University

The personal financial planning doctorate provides students with the knowledge and skill set for building a career in financial counseling and planning.
This program [at Kansas State U., see below] allows students to take online courses during the fall and spring semesters and participate in intensive 10-day summer experiences. During three consecutive summer residency sessions on the K-State campus, students will build a connection with faculty, peers and the university. For the final summer session, students will travel abroad as a group to see up-close how global markets work and how they affect financial planning in the United States and worldwide.

Percent Online: A hybrid, includes some campus visits, 3 Intensive 10-day summer experiences (one each year) & final summer session residency will be held abroad.

6. Doctorate of Education in Sports Management

Program offered at United States Sports Academy

The curriculum is designed to enable recent master’s degree graduates, working professionals and sports enthusiasts to achieve their personal, educational and professional objectives. The program is flexible and provides meaningful educational and technical preparation. Recent doctoral degree graduates are college professors of Sports Management, private sport entrepreneurs and high school or college athletic directors.

Program is 100% online

7. Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership

Program is offered at University of Phoenix, Online Campus

The mission of the Doctor of Management in Organizational Leadership degree program [at the University of Phoenix] is to develop the critical and creative decision-making capabilities of management professionals that enable professional success.
Merging current theory and best practices, the program prepares students to advance their organization, industry, and community through ethical and transformational leadership by integrating scholar, practitioner, and leader perspectives to implement best practices and resolve emerging managerial challenges, designing and conducting practical, data-driven research that informs managerial decisions and contributes to the existing body of knowledge.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
Doctorate requires 2-week residency each year.

8. Doctor of Health Administration

This program is offered at: Central Michigan University

The DHA combines academic rigor with the practical convenience of online delivery and occasional short face-to-face seminars.

This applied doctorate program is directed toward preparing students with the theoretical foundations, applied skills, and practical expertise required for leadership positions in health care. Students will choose either a three year or five year sequence of courses.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
Intensive 2.5 day seminars (6 in all).

9. Doctor of Public Administration

Program available at Valdosta State

The DPA allows mid-career students the opportunity to advance their level of knowledge in the field of public and nonprofit administration. As a practitioner-oriented degree, the DPA provides the essential leadership, management, communication, and problem-solving skills needed in today’s professional and global environment.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
One two-day intensive period scheduled on a Friday and Saturday at the beginning of each semester.

10. Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering

Program available at Mississippi State University
At Mississippi State U., the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers graduate programs leading to the Master of Science (thesis and non-thesis option) in Electrical and Computer Engineering, as well as the Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Most research in the department is supported by government agencies or industries.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits

11. Doctor of Education in School Improvement

Program available at: University of West Georgia

The online Ed.D. program in School Improvement offers a unique  opportunity for educators looking for an interdisciplinary, inquiry-based doctoral program that prepares graduates to become the next generation of change agents. The mission is to develop educational professionals who initiate systemic and sustainable improvement in schools. Graduates will strategically and collaboratively plan, design, implement, and document the impact of educational improvements that promote and increase the academic achievement and social development of all students.

About the West Georgia program: Two things make the Ed.D. in School Improvement unique (1) the program provides for students to develop a specialized “Area of Concentration” and (2) students work on their dissertations simultaneously with their coursework. Students can complete their dissertation by the end of their coursework.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
All coursework done online. Only required to come to campus twice during the program: Once for an intensive 2-1/2 day Orientation during the first summer, and for an intensive Dissertation Prep Seminar during the second summer.

12. Doctor of Education in Leadership

Program available at Creighton University

This terminal degree combines real-world application with a format that is interdisciplinary, self-reflective and values-based. As a result, graduates with a Doctorate in Leadership earn a return on their investment as they emerge with the knowledge and skills to become leadership experts and drive change in their organizations.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
Two required residencies at the campus in Omaha, Nebraska. An orientation at the beginning of the program and the dissertation defense at the end.

13. Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Communication and Rhetoric

Program is available at Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University’s online Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Communication and Rhetoric (TCR) students will learn and practice the methodologies for conducting research in technical communication and rhetoric, as well as gain experience creating online and on-page documents using visual and written communication. The program provides a broad approach to technical communication, offering classes in areas such as editing, design, rhetorical theory, online documentation, publications management, and usability testing.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
2-week May workshop every year.

14. Doctor of Science in Information Assurance

This program is available at Capitol College

As part of the School of Business and Information Sciences, the doctorate program will enable professionals from the information assurance industry to understand and evaluate the scope and impact of systems and technology from institutional, industry and global perspectives. Through the program, Capitol strives to provide doctoral students with an academic environment that supports the development of high-level critical thinking, leadership and technical skills as they relate to information assurance, and to facilitate positive doctoral research experiences.

Percent online:
Some Campus Visits
Approximately 3 three-day weekends required.

15. Doctor of Management

Program available at the University of Maryland

The Doctor of Management Program (DM) is a scholar-practitioner based doctorate designed for full-time, experienced, working professionals. This is a hybrid doctoral program that utilizes online seminars and onsite mandatory residencies for communication and learning. With an emphasis on the practical application of concepts, applied research, and knowledge for real-world management issues, students are prepared in areas such as theory and strategic thinking in management issues, organizational leadership and change, analysis of different methods of research, and innovation and sustainability within a global business environment.

This program allows UMUC graduates a sophisticated level of knowledge and analysis to successfully guide organizations in a rapidly changing global environment and provide them with the credentials and ability necessary to rise to a significant leadership role in public or private organizations worldwide.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
Required to attend a mandatory on-site residency each term on campus. These on-site residencies are normally scheduled on Fridays and Saturdays.

16. Doctor of Education in Educational Technology

Program is available at Boise State University

Students in the Doctor of Education in Educational Technology (Ed.D.) program explore the use of current and emerging technologies for effective and efficient teaching in a dynamic, global society. Areas of particular focus will include online teaching and learning, technology integration, academic technology leadership, innovative teaching in K-12 and higher education, educational software development for the web and mobile platforms, and educational games and simulations.

People who pursue a doctoral degree in educational technology are highly motivated by two things: a passion for applying research to the practice of teaching and learning, and a driving desire to lead and innovate in this ever changing field.

Percent Online:
100 Percent Online

17. Doctor of Philosophy in Sustainability Education

Program available at Prescott College

The Prescott College Limited-Residency Ph.D. program in Education with a concentration in Sustainability Education views education broadly, as social learning that occurs in settings that are both formal (educational institutions, for example) and non-formal (such as families, community events, media, and businesses). The term “education” is considered to mean both the act or practice of educating or being educated and the study of education as a process.

Education for sustainability is the practice of learning how to achieve global and local sustainable communities. It is a life-long, individual, and social learning progression that challenges the dominant ecological, psychological, economic, and social paradigms.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
An orientation and a total of seven symposia and colloquia

18. Doctor of Musical Arts in Musical Education

Program available at Boston University

The Boston University Online Doctor of Musical Arts in Music Education (DMA) combines a time-honored curriculum with cutting-edge technology to make this valuable credential available to leading music educators around the world.

A focus on music theory and musicology—and techniques for applying them in the classroom—prepares educators to accomplish their personal and professional goals. The Boston University Online DMA is an exciting opportunity for music educators to achieve career advancement and academic enrichment without interrupting their existing professional lives:

Percent Online:
100 Percent Online

19. Doctor of Education in Instructional Systems Technology

Program available at Indiana University

The program is intended to improve human learning and performance in diverse contexts. They prepare practitioners and researchers to design and build processes, systems, and services for use in various settings. Individuals and organizations learn and grow through well-designed instruction, and we focus on turning issues into opportunities.

IU believes instructional materials and tools must reflect the way people acquire, process, and share information. Research crosses disciplines and incorporates theories of instructional design, the use of emerging digital technologies to support learning, and workplace learning and performance improvement. With the support of faculty, students solve instructional and performance issues through analysis, design, development, evaluation, implementation, and management of learning environments and strategies. As a result, alumni hold key roles in governmental, corporate, educational and military organizations.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
At least one IST Conference, must take a proctored, written qualifying examination & the dissertation final defense are required on campus visits.

20. Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy

Program is available at the University of Tennessee, Chatanooga

Physical therapist: health care professional who evaluates and treats people with health problems resulting from injury or disease.

The UT Board of Trustees has approved for the UTC College of Health and Human Services to begin offering a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. This becomes UTC’s first doctoral program.

UTC has for years offered a master’s degree in physical therapy, putting the program ahead of a national mandate this year requiring more than a four-year degree from an accredited institution. UTC offers a rolling physical therapy admissions procedure.

Percent Online:
100 Percent Online

21. Doctor of Philosophy in Media Psychology

This program is offered at Fielding Graduate University

Students in Media Psychology are pioneering one of the most innovative branches of psychology. They study how people behave and respond to different forms of media communication—including the Internet, media innovation and immersive technology. You can be part of this exciting new field. Our students, faculty, and alumni are creating and defining the future of this field. Together they are turning media psychology into a major influence in psychology.

Percent Online:
Some Campus Visits
New Student Orientation in Santa Barbara, CA is the only in-person session required. The program offers additional face-to-face events throughout the year, and you are encouraged to attend.

22. Doctor of Behavioral Health

This program is offered at Arizona State University

The Doctor of Behavioral Health program, offered online through Arizona State University’s College of Health Solutions, prepares you, as master’s–level clinician or healthcare managers, for the newly transformed medical care marketplace, one in which evidence–based, cost–effective behavioral interventions replace treatment that results in undercare, overcare or misuse.

Percent Online:
100 Percent Online

23. Doctor of Criminal Justice

Program is available at Walden University

According to the US Department of Homeland Security, the demand for criminal justice and security professionals is greater than ever before.* Qualified individuals continue to be needed to lead, educate, and motivate these professionals.

Make a greater impact within your organization and your field with Walden’s PhD in Criminal Justice, one of the first online criminal justice doctoral programs available to meet the needs of working professionals. You can attain a new level of credibility and influence with a PhD in Criminal Justice. Whether you want to pursue leadership roles within the field or begin a career in criminal justice education, this doctoral program can give you the skills and knowledge you need to embrace exciting new career opportunities.
In this online program, you’ll explore contemporary theory and practice as well as national and international issues in the administration of criminal justice. Taught by seasoned doctoral-level faculty with practical experience in the field, coursework spans topics such as risk factors for criminal behavior, leadership theory, human services, technology and law enforcement, homeland security, and public management. Walden’s PhD in Criminal Justice gives you the opportunity to integrate scholarly research with your experience to create effective solutions to real-world problems.

Percent Online:
100 percent online

24. Doctor of Audiology

Program is available at the University of Florida

The Distance Learning Au.D. Degree is a flexible program designed to provide working professional audiologists with the complex and diverse skills necessary to meet the challenges of the dynamic healthcare marketplace. The program combines the professional experience of the College of Public Health and Health Professions with the academic excellence of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences to provide an opportunity for working professionals to enhance their clinical skills and knowledge.

The program utilizes the latest in distance learning technology to provide students access to course materials, lectures, peers, professors, and university resources. This allows professional audiologists across the nation to participate in a leading edge educational program without sacrificing their careers. The program has been completed by over 1200 audiologists nationwide and is highly regarded as educationally rigorous, enjoyable, and rewarding.

The hallmark of the program is UF’s ability to unite audiologists from around the country in online discussions about topics central to the profession. Each student is part of a regional community of audiologists. Each of these communities is led by a Learning Group Facilitator. This doctoral-level audiology professional leads weekly online “chat” sessions, and supports the student’s academic needs throughout the course.

Percent Online:
100 percent online.

25. Doctorate of Professional Studies – Bioethics

Program is available at Albany Medical College

The Alden March Bioethics Institute’s Online Graduate Programs provide mid-career professionals, joint degree students, and highly motivated post-baccalaureate students with an opportunity to supplement current education or career training with cutting-edge, innovative and challenging coursework in bioethics. Students learn to identify ethical dilemmas, create and scrutinize policies and practices in healthcare and associated settings, and to help institutions and individuals solve tough moral issues.

Applicants are asked to fill out the online application at http://apply.amc.edu, submit all transcripts, and provide two letters of recommendation. If accepted into the program, a $100 fee is required to save the student’s spot in the program. Graduate entrance exam scores are required only for students that do not possess a terminal degree. Dual degree students must be accepted independently to their professional degree program as well as the MS in Bioethics Program.

Percent Online: 100 percent

26. Doctor of Safety Sciences

Program is available at Indiana University, Pennsylvania

This program is designed to prepare safety professionals with advanced skills in the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, control, and the prevention of safety, health, and environmental hazards in the work environment. Graduates will be able to teach safety, health, and environmental content in industry or higher education.

Percent Online: 100 percent

27. Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change (Master of Education in Education and Human Resources

Program available at Colorado State University

Make immediate, valuable impact in your organization with our highly-regarded Master of Education in Education and Human Resource Studies – Organizational Performance and Change (OPC) specialization. Utilizing the latest research on change management and performance improvement, our organizational management degree will help you produce viable solutions and move you toward becoming a strategic business partner in the companies you work with. If you’re looking for a master’s in organizational development, this program may be the right fit for you.

This innovative curriculum prepares you to become an effective manager, leader, and facilitator as you learn how to: *Analyzing workplace issues *Diagnose the need for organizational change, then plan and implement that change *Enhance performance systems *Conduct performance consulting *Understand and develop workplace expertise within employees *Develop and implement workplace learning *Evaluate learning and performance improvement interventions

Focusing on workplace learning and organizational learning as two key areas, this performance improvement degree teaches you how to apply foundational principles to teams, systems, processes, and organizations to build programs and deliver custom improvement interventions that make them function more effectively. You’ll also use action learning projects that feature real organizational scenarios to address problems involving employee strengths, interaction, and performance.

Percent Online: 100 percent

28. Doctor of Philosophy, Interdisciplinary Telecommunications

Program available at Colorado University, Boulder

The Interdisciplinary Telecommunications Program (ITP) offers students with a wide variety of technical and non-technical backgrounds an interdisciplinary Master’s or PhD option that matches the demands of future employers throughout the telecommunications industry. Our graduates demonstrate mastery of Internet technology, web-based business acumen, and Internet policy knowledge — a skill set that appeals to the companies driving today’s rapidly changing high-tech world. ITP’s unique, forward-thinking curriculums allows students to learn about broadband networking, wireless systems, cybersecurity, Internet economics, entrepreneurialism, strategy, and policy. Students gain hands-on experience in our world-class labs using state-of-the-art technologies.

The Doctorate of Philosophy degree offers students the ability to conduct in-depth research in telecom in order to pursue research-oriented careers in industry, government, and non-profit sectors.

29. Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy – Child and Adolescent Therapy

Program available at Northcentral University

The Child and Adolescent Therapy Specialization program from NorthCentral University is designed to prepare Learners to work in therapy settings with children and adolescents from a family therapy, systems perspective. Learners in this specialization are required to focus their course projects, internship work, and dissertation research on issues related to working with children and adolescents. For program disclosures, visit www.ncu.edu/program-disclosures .

Percent Online: 100 percent

30. Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis

Program available at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology

The Chicago School’s online Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) program trains students to use a natural-science approach to understanding why individuals behave the way they do and use that approach to effect socially significant behavioral changes. Students in our online ABA doctoral program develop a strong foundation in the science of behavior (experimental analysis of behavior), the philosophy of behavior analysis (B.F. Skinner’s radical behaviorism), application of basic principles of behavior discovered in the laboratory to human behavior (ABA), and the ethics of applying a science of behavior to human affairs.

Ph.D. students in the online ABA doctoral program benefit from a faculty with diverse interests and expertise. Courses may sometimes be offered in flexible formats that meet changing student needs.

The Chicago School’s online Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis includes advanced coursework in the experimental analysis behavior, philosophical and conceptual issues, research methods, and experimental and instructional design. Students are trained and provided the opportunity to teach courses at the master’s level. This rigorous online doctoral program requires students to pass a comprehensive written and oral exam and to conduct dissertation research that makes an original contribution to the knowledge base of the field.

Graduates are prepared to contribute to research that further advances an integrated, scientific understanding of the complexities of human behavior. They are also prepared to teach and mentor future behavior analysts at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The program helps students develop expert knowledge in behavior analytic theory, research, and practice.

Percent Online: 100 percent

31. Ed.D. in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Christian Ministry

Program is available through Grand Canyon University

The Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership program develops the learner’s ability to generate new knowledge and responsibly apply knowledge to achieve high-performing entities that allow organizational employees and followers to grow and develop to their full potential. Learners will study the major bodies of literature in leadership, reflect critically on existing theory, and identify appropriate applications of theory in education, business, and other organizational cultures. Learners will develop academic and organizational research expertise through the study of statistical and research methodologies.

The program of study is consistent with Grand Canyon University’s mission to develop learners who are global citizens, critical thinkers, effective communicators, and responsible leaders.  Graduates who earn the Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership with an Emphasis in Christian Ministry will advance the study of leadership within the field of Christian ministry with an in-depth research-based approach to facilitate leadership within Christian ministry and society.

Percent Online: 100 percent

32. Doctor of Nursing Practice in Executive Leadership

Program is available at American Sentinel University

A practice-based, leadership-focused program that prepares faculty, program directors and deans to lead nursing education programs.

Doctor of Nursing Practice executive leadership specialization is a program that prepares master’s-educated nurses for leadership roles in the healthcare system.

Percent Online: 100 percent

33. Doctor of Plant and Soil Sciences

Program available at Texas Tech University

The department offers study in the following graduate degree programs: Crop Science, Entomology, Horticulture, and Soil Science, Master of Science; Agronomy, Doctor of Philosophy. The department also participates in the interdepartmental program leading to the Master of Agriculture degree. Students seeking a master’s or doctor’s degree in the department should consult the chairperson about their programs before enrolling for any courses

34. Ph.D. in Educational Psychology – Bilingual Education

Program available at Texas A&M University

The doctoral program in bilingual education prepares graduates for university and leadership positions in the field of education, including consultation and evaluation, teacher training and supervision, or coordination of programs. A combination of coursework, practica, program competencies and the final dissertation ensure both the breadth and depth of training. The program is led by trained and experienced faculty in bilingual curriculum development, distance teaching formats and instructional design.

This is a hybrid program, combining online and in-class work, according to the University’s website.

35. Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering

Program available at Florida International University

The Department of Biomedical Engineering offers advanced study for the degrees of Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering, and Doctor of Philosophy in Biomedical Engineering. A graduate degree in Biomedical Engineering can enhance your career opportunities or prepare you for further success in academia. Graduates are prepared for academic, clinical, or industrial research and development in: Basic Research in Engineered Tissue Model Systems, Diagnostic Bioimaging and Sensor Systems, or Therapeutic and Reparative Neurotechnology.

This program is 100 percent online.

36. Doctor in Civil Engineering

Program is available at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County

The Civil Engineering (ENCE) Program emphasizes research in water resources and environmental engineering. Environmental engineers identify and design solutions for environmental problems, such as providing safe drinking water, treating and safely disposing of wastes, controlling water pollution, maintaining air quality and remediating contaminated sites.

Water resources engineering is a profession that deals with the use, management and conservation of natural water resources above and below ground surface to assure availability and affordability of safe and clean sources of water for society.

The program is 100 % online

37. Doctor of Speech Language Pathology

Program is available at Nova Southeastern University

The Fischler School of Education and Human Services is one of the most dynamic elements of Nova Southeastern University, providing innovative programs in leadership, teaching and learning, human development and family studies, training and professional development, instructional technology, and distance education, and communication sciences and disorders.

Courses are 100 % online.

38. Doctor of Philosophy-Humanities and Culture

Program is available at Union Institute and University

The Humanities and Culture concentration challenges students to engage in an inquiry-based study of the human condition that explores creative ways of advancing social justice and engaging difference among individuals and social groups. This is achieved through a critical and methodical examination of how meanings are constructed, contested, and re-constructed within particular socio-historical contexts and traditions. In terms of content, the Humanities and Culture concentration draws upon selected fields of the humanities (social and political philosophy, history, religious studies, literature, aesthetics) that bear on issues of social justice and cultural difference and that exhibit and/or explore the creative process as such.

As a secondary concentration, the humanities are studied more specifically for the insights they bring to the doctoral program’s areas of concentration in Ethical and Creative Leadership and Public Policy and Social Change.

This is a hybrid program, with online and in-class requirements.

39. Ph.D in Depth Psychology with an Emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies

Program is available at Pacifica Graduate Institute

The M.A./PhD. Program in Depth Psychology with emphasis in Jungian and Archetypal Studies centers around the philosophy that the theories and practices within the Jungian tradition continue to offer valuable insights and tools into working with the psyche beyond the analytic encounter. For students who are called to work with the personal and/or collective psyche, but not within the clinical milieu, this specialization responds to Marie-Louise von Franz’s visionary idea:

“The real psychology is a psychology that is for everybody. It naturally includes the problems of clinicians, but is not concentrated solely on that area.” This specialization offers a container where students can explore, apply, and advance depth psychology both personally and vocationally, where the through-line in every course is the direct engagement with two basic questions: how is this material meaningful to me and my life, and how is it meaningful to the world within which I live and work? Because of its overt emphasis on the application and advancement of Jungian and archetypal studies into the vocational and occupational arena, it seeks to provide skills, tools, and practices to those who work directly with other people, truly becoming a psychology for

In addition, those who work in any creative field will find that this specialization provides an understanding and experience of the personal and collective psyche that can inform their creative process and enhance their creative products.

This is a hybrid program requiring four campus visits a year. The rest is online.

41. Doctor of Philosophy, International Health

This program is available at Johns Hopkins University

The DrPH program is intended to prepare students for international leadership positions in public health practice beyond the master’s level. Those entering the program should already have substantial public health experience and, ideally, should have graduate-level training in the field. In the absence of the latter, core courses in the MPH program will be taken as part of the DrPH course work.

The DrPH program includes more advanced courses in public health generally and in international public health specifically. The program of study includes a field practicum leading to a dissertation.

This program is 100 % online.

42. Spirituality, Counseling and Nature

Program is available at The Institute of Global Education

The goal is to develop a full or part time career that helps increase personal, social and environmental well being. Add sustainability to your livelihood and education. Empower yourself to walk and teach nature’s rewarding path to greater balance. Add educating, counseling and healing with nature to your courses or profession. Green your education and profession. Discover guaranteed, grant funded and affordable, Ph.D., M.S. or B.S, degrees that include your life experience and previous education. Learn to be, and help others be, the change we need.

Learn through accredited, transferable, hands-on community courses and internships that enhance careers, global consciousness and human-environmental relationships. Help the grace of nature’s self-correcting ways flow through the psyche of Industrial Society. Guide and teach through sensory ecological contact experiences with natural systems in people and natural areas. Explore, online, the sensory science of thinking with the peace and sanity of our living planet. Enjoy the integrity of our instruction-friendly courses and degrees. Benefit from our classmate-faculty support and friendship cooperative online.

This program is taught 100% online

43. Biomedical Informatics Graduate Program

Program available at the Oregon Health and Science University

The Biomedical Inforamtics Graduate Programs at Oregon Health & Science University aim to educate the future developers and managers of health and biomedical information systems. The programs prepare students for careers that require a thorough understanding of both information technology and the health care environment.

This program is taught 100% online

44. Community College Leadership

Program is available at Morgan State University

The Community College Leadership Doctoral Program (CCLDP) seeks to provide competencies (skills, abilities, and knowledge) recognized as essential for future community college leaders and professors. Guided by the strategic mission and vision of Morgan State University, its department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy, the CCLDP offers a cohort model of skill development and learning.

This program is taught 100% online

45. Forest Biomaterials

Program is offered at North Carolina State University

Course offerings and research facilities are available in the following areas: wood chemistry, biopolymer chemistry, bio-materials, bio-energy, pulping chemistry, process analysis, polymer chemistry, paper physics, paper recycling, wood physics (especially wood liquid relations), wood anatomy, wood biology, wood mechanics and engineering, wood machining, manufacturing processes, wood-based industry economics and marketing, and forest-based life cycle analysis.

46. Tibetan Buddhist Psychology

Program is offered at San Diego University for Integrative Studies

Recognizing the need to provide the best educational experience in conjunction with the latest technology, SDUIS is among the first universities in the country to offer degrees and certificate programs via the Internet.
Course work over the Internet allows immediate and personal exchange with the professors, and provides access to a higher-level educational experience. Anyone, anywhere in the world with access to the Internet can obtain a degree.

Classwork, papers, and discussions are all conducted via e-mail and on-line conferencing with faculty and other students from around the world.

47. Library and Information Science

Program is offered at San Jose State University

The School of Library and Information Science at San José State University has been awarding graduate degrees to information professionals for more than 55 years. Today, the School offers two fully online graduate degree programs for information professionals, a fully online post-master’s certificate program for working professionals who want to stay current with emerging trends, as well as a part-time doctoral program in partnership with Queensland University of Technology – the San José Gateway Ph.D. Program.
SJSU SLIS students take part in global conversations via social media networks, screencasts, email, live web conferences, recorded audio lectures, instant messaging, and online discussion forums; participate in virtual student organizations; interact with SLIS faculty and peers during virtual office hours; and attend online presentations by guest speakers. By using a range of technology to interact, SLIS students create meaningful and ongoing connections with classmates who may live across town or in another country. As a student in our fully online graduate programs, you can: – Begin the program when most convenient for you – Fall or Spring semester – Complete the program at your own pace – full or part time – Customize the program based on your professional interests – numerous electives – Fit your coursework around your schedule.

Program is 100% online

48. Metallurgical and Materials Engineering

Program is offered at Illinois Institute of Technology

Research in Materials Science and Engineering is focused on materials processing, mechanical properties and alloy development. Experimental research studies benefit from very well equipped laboratories with some unique capabilities. Modeling and simulation of materials processing and alloy thermodynamics forms a second thrust of activities. Many of the research programs are sponsored by the Thermal Processing Technology Center, which undertakes research to support the needs of the materials processing and manufacturing industries.

The center performs high quality applied research in thermal processing technology of interest to the primary metals and manufacturing industry. Multi-disciplinary research teams are used to provide innovative, crosscutting technological solutions to industrial materials processing problems.

49. Doctor of Osteopathy

Program is offered at the National University of Medical Sciences

The Doctor of Osteopathy (DO) program is World Health Organization (WHO) compliant and it is accredited by the Council on Manual Osteopathy Education. It takes 4 years full time but students with previous health education receive advanced credit.

The DO program can be taken online on-demand or at campus. There are 3 different curriculums for the DO program: 1.Curriculum for category 1 students (4 years) without previous health education 2.Curriculum for category 2 students with previous health education (2 years) 3.Curriculum for category 3 students who have a doctoral degree (1 year)

This is a totally online program leading to the DO.

50. Marriage and Family Therapy

Program is offered at Eastern University

The PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy trains students in professional mental health and pastoral counseling fields to be skilled scholar/practitioners in marriage and family therapy who apply their minds and hearts to promoting processes of change and growth in individuals, couples, families, and communities.
The PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy is a scholar/practitioner research program that prepares students for leadership roles in academia, research, behavioral healthcare and pastoral care.

This is a hybrid program, requiring some on campus time.