Top 10 Online Doctorates in Technology Management 2019


It’s easy to forget just how dependent on computers every aspect of professional life has become – at least until the computer systems fail. Whether it’s business, healthcare, education, or any other field, the IT manager is sometimes the only person standing between a company and complete disaster. Computer and information systems managers, often called information technology (IT) managers or IT project managers, are tasked with the job of planning, coordinating, and directing computer-related activities in an organization, company or enterprise. They may also be the ones to train personnel on the proper use of the technology they maintain. They help determine the information technology goals of all the projects of the organization and are the ones who will make those systems operational.

It is only natural that a Technology Management Ph.D. degree could be obtained online, as 100% of the content pertains to things that are happening online. Given that IT became a concept within the last 30 years, the demand for the skills that Technology Managers bring to the table has made this one of the fastest growing fields. By the year 2026, the Bureau of Labor and Statistics estimates a growth of 12% by this group, much faster than other fields. A Ph.D. in Technology Management is not necessary to jump on this growth curve, but it certainly earns skills and credentials that very few others have. For those who are dedicated to the concepts and leadership to the field of IT, an online doctoral education to be able to successfully teach, research, or operate a small or large IT operation is a great idea.

Ranking the Best Online Technology Management PhD Programs

When deciding between Online Ph.D. programs in Technology Management, there are several options to choose from. Our comprehensive Best Online Technology Management ranking – the most complete ranking on the internet – allows you to skip the steps of tracking these programs down and looking up the three most important factors in choosing a program. These factors are affordability, reputation, and track record. While you may not become a millionaire with a Ph.D. in Technology Management, those with this degree are often highly successful and revered in their fields and beyond. Also important to consider is the number of specializations available today, such as Educational Technology Design, and IT Project Management. While IT used to be purely self-taught, these days, Technology Management Ph.D. students are already leaders in their fields with bachelor’s or master’s level educations and innovative ideas about how to move systems forward.

The Ph.D. Technology Management distance learning programs ranked by Online Ph.D. represent the Best Online Technology Management, Information Technology or IT Management, or Instructional Design & Technology doctoral programs out there. Most are fully online; some may require brief residencies on-campus, usually no more than a few days out of the year. Institutions are ranked according to three factors:

  • Cost (from IPEDS data)
  • Reputation (from Niche rating)
  • ROI (from College Scorecard data)

all logos were sourced from the institution’s website

1. North Carolina A&T State University – Greensboro, NC

North Carolina A&T State University is how people generally refer to North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. They were established in 1891, making it one of the oldest public universities in the nation. They are Historically Black University with their campus in Greensboro, North Carolina, that was created following the passage of the second Morrill Act. They are known for the four freshmen students who helped initiate the Civil Rights Act by sitting at the Woolworth’s lunch counter that only admitted white diners. The US News and World Report has ranked them number eight among all Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the Country.

NCA&T may not commonly thought of as an online college, however, they offer some exceptional online programming, including a Doctor of Philosophy Program in Technology. One of the exciting things about this program is that it is unique for each student, as the course of study is tailored based on the needs of the participant. Students will choose courses based on their IT interests including web design, e-commerce, and internet security. The program includes 90 credit hours minimum based on the students’ technical specialization. An internship and residency are required following the completion of coursework, and then a final dissertation.

Degree: Ph.D. in Technology Management

2. East Carolina University – Greenville, NC

East Carolina University was established in 1907 with the initial intention of being a school to train teachers. Since they have become the largest postsecondary institution in the state. Their primary campus is situated on over 500 acres of land in the center of Greenville, North Carolina. In addition to the main campus are the Health Sciences campus and the West Research campus. East Carolina University is known for celebrating cultural and ethnic diversity, and it is apparent by the number of sororities and fraternities that are run by students of color including five historically black sororities and four fraternities, and one Native American Sorority. Some programs offer online learning opportunities, including some of the business programs.

East Carolina University is not technically an online college, however, they offer a myriad of online programming. The online format allows students the flexibility many adult and nontraditional learners need to engage with an academic program successfully. The schools offer a Ph.D. in Technology Management with a focus of alternative communications, a thread that links disciplines in the program. This course of study is delivered through ECUs College of Engineering and Technology. Students can choose from five concentrations including construction management, human resources development, digital communication and manufacturing systems, and quality systems. Each student will get to connect with a “home university” that is effective for their technical specialization and their home base.

Degree: Ph.D. Technology Management

3. University of North Texas – Denton, Texas

The University of North Texas is colloquially called UNT. They were founded in 1890. Originally they had the name Texas Normal College and Teacher Training Institute, and I’m sure it’s no surprise that their sole purpose at the time they opened was to train teachers in the region. They underwent many name changes and continued to evolve academically, and, therefore, took on a more fitting name, University of North Texas, in 1961. In the years that followed, they started offering doctorate programs, which primarily focused on disciplines like Business Management, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Philosophy. Their campus is located in Denton, Texas on 1,200 acres of land.

The University of North Texas offers an online Ph.D. program in Learning Technologies. This online format is convenient and flexible, enabling students to accomplish the program who live at a distance from the University of North Texas Campus, and even for students who are local and require more malleability in their schedule. This course of study requires hands-on learning and research, enabling students to synthesize knowledge with fieldwork. The primary principles of the program build on the knowledge of learning instructional systems theory and along with engaging with expansive synergistic technologies. New cohorts start each summer semester. Applicants must apply to the graduate program and UNT.

Degree: Ph.D. in Learning Technologies

4. Aspen University – Denver, Colorado

Aspen University was founded in 1987, with the intention that has remained of providing high-quality distance education at the postsecondary level. They have gone by the name Aspen University since 2003, though when they opened they were initially called the International School of Information Management (ISIM). Aspen’s has a distinct focus that relates to emerging information systems and technology. They continue to live on the front lines of technological innovation. They are fully accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC). They have bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees in disciplines such as Information Management, Computer Science, Business Administration, Information Systems, Psychology, and Addiction Counseling. Their headquarters are located in Denver, Colorado.

Among online colleges is Aspen University. They offer a myriad of academic offerings all in the online distance learning format. One of their interesting programs is a Doctor of Science in Computer Science degree. This course of study is exclusively for students who already have experience working with the computer sciences and wish to deepen their skills and knowledge, as well as their practice of research. Analytical thinking and research methodologies are stressed in the curriculum, making this course of study applicable to many disciplines and career paths. The series of courses delivered will ultimately support students in writing a culminating dissertation.

Degree: Doctorate of Science in Computer Science

5. University of Central Missouri – Warrensburg, MO

The University of Central Missouri often goes by the acronym UCM and was established in 1871. They are a public state university situated in the town of Warrensburg, Missouri, on a large 1,561-acre campus. They were originally designed to be a teachers training college and went by the name Normal School Number 2 and then Warrensburg Teachers College. In 1965 they established their graduate school that has continued to evolve and provides more comprehensive programming. They currently offer off-campus programming at Lee’s Summit and have many online classes and degree programs geared towards adult learners requiring flexibility.

The University of Central Missouri offers a Doctoral degree in Technology Management that is on the cutting edge of online college programming. The online format allows students the flexibility to complete their degree without stopping their personal and professional routines. This course of study will prepare students to be leaders in society through technological engagement and research expertise. Graduates of the program will have the skills to plug into the public or private sectors and contribute to technological and educational advancements. Participants will choose from five specialties, including Quality Systems, Human Resource Development and Training, Manufacturing Systems, Construction Management, and Digital Communications. Students will have access to laboratories with applicable equipment to conduct their research.

Degree: Ph.D. in Technology Management

6. Indiana State University – Terre Haute, Indiana

Indiana State University was established in 1885 by the Indiana General Assembly. Originally they were developed under the name Indiana State Normal School with the intention of training high school and elementary school teachers in the area. Their primary campus is in the business district of downtown Terre Haute, Indiana, and covers 200 acres of land. They have been consistently accredited by the Higher Learning Commission since 1915. The Scott College of Business is individually accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Their total enrollment, including both undergraduate and graduate students, is 12,531 students. Many of their programs including certificate and doctoral are available online.

Indiana State University offers students an opportunity to earn an online Ph.D. in Technology Management, which engages all of the necessary skills for graduates to make contributions in the private and public sectors of society. Not only will students gain leadership skills, but will gain competency in a wide range of technologies and scientific innovation. Each student will choose a discipline and will be able to complete the program with 66 credit hours. Each student is required to participate in a doctoral residency, which will require them to be on campus while receiving academic supervision for a limited amount of time.

Degree: Technology Management (Ph.D.)

7. Bowling Green State University – Bowling Green, Ohio

Bowling Green State University was established in 1910 in order to meet the demands of this uniquely progressive era that revolved around public education and training teachers effectively. This endeavor tied into what was called the Lowry Bill that added two additional Normal Schools in the state of Ohio. Their primary campus is situated on 1,338 acres of land in Bowling Green, Ohio, just 15 minutes away from Toledo. They have been classified by the Carnegie Foundation as an institution that conducts a high level of research. They are highly ranked by a number of outlets including Forbes Magazine and the US News and World Report.

Bowling Green State University offers a Ph.D. in Technology Management that is delivered online, in collaboration with five accredited institutions of higher learning. Students will have the opportunity to choose from five disciplines, which include Digital Communications, Construction Management, Quality Systems, and Manufacturing Systems. Students will engage in high levels of research as part of the research core of the program that comprises 27 of the 66 required credit hours. Students will also have credit requirements for professional studies, general technology core courses, and their technical specialization. Applicants must hold a masters degree from an accredited university prior to submission of their application.

Degree: Technology Management PhD

8. Old Dominion University – Norfolk, Virginia

Old Dominion University was established in 1930 as a public research institution of higher learning. Their primary campus is located in Norfolk, Virginia, with two additional campuses in the area of Hampton Roads. They are one of the biggest universities, in terms of enrollment, in the state of Virginia. They are classified as a Carnegie Doctoral School by the Carnegie Foundation, meaning they conduct a high level of research. They offer close to 150 graduate and undergraduate degrees and are known as one of the biggest providers of distance education in the nation. They have a myriad of online degree-granting programming and classes.

Old Dominion University offers an online IT degree that grants students a Ph.D. in Instructional Design and Technology. This course of study is delivered online, enabling students optimal flexibility. Students will have many opportunities to pursue their individual interests in the program including instructional message design, instructional design, evaluation and assessment, the design of technology-mediated instruction, human performance technology and quantitative and qualitative research. Within the program, students may study for a certificate in modeling and simulation, designed to give students a foundation to use this skills in gaming and simulation instructional settings. The online learning environment includes lives classes that are regularly scheduled.

Degree: Instructional Design & Technology

9. Colorado Technical University-Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Technical University, often referred to as CTU, was established in 1965. The name is a little deceiving, because they have no affiliation with Colorado State, and the majority of their programming is online. Their headquarters are, however, in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where they have a small campus, as well as additional sites in Denver and Aurora. They are regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission as well as the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. The Engineering Accreditation Commission has accredited some of their programmings as well. Total enrollment is close to 22,000 students. They have six distinct Schools and Colleges within the larger University.

Colorado Technical University offers an online Doctorate program in Technology Management. There is a small residency requirement, giving students the opportunity to gain academic supervision. There are many start dates throughout the year, making it easy to matriculate at the student’s convenience. The program integrates dissertation development, ensuring that students have a great deal of support during that process of production. Students can complete the program in three years time. Students will come together in person for a final symposium. Scholarships are available to students that qualify. The entire program is 100 credit units in length. Classes begin mid-August each year.

Degree: Doctor of Management – Technology Management
**note that it is a HYBRID program**

10. Northcentral University (NCU) – San Diego, California

Northcentral University was established in 1996 as an exclusively virtual institution of higher learning. They are known as a doctoral research institution. They offer a number of degree options ranging from bachelors to doctoral programming. Their headquarters are located in San Diego, California, with an additional office in Scottsdale, Arizona. NSU ranked 148th among the New Best Online Programs for Bachelor’s degrees by the US News and World Report in 2013. They are made up of five schools including The School of Education, The School of Business, the School of Health Sciences, The School of Technology, and the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Northcentral University offers a Doctor of Philosophy program in Technology and Innovation Management that is delivered online. The entire program is 60 credit hours in length and can be completed in 50 months time. Each Monday is a new start date, making it easy for students to matriculate. The entire program requires the completion of 20 courses. Students will each choose a specialization including cybersecurity, it management, engineering management, information systems, computer science and data science. This course of study will allow students to enter into many career pathways in leadership positions with a whole new skill set to contribute.

Degree: Ph.D. in Technology and Innovation Management