Complete Job Description of a Supply Chain Manager

In the globalized world of business, experienced, well-trained supply chain managers are as crucial to success as marketers, salespeople, and accountants. When raw materials come from one country, manufacturing happens in another, packaging happens somewhere else still, and products are sold all over the world, the supply chain manager plays a critical role in ensuring that companies are able to deliver on their promises to their customers. (Supply chain manager salary reflects it, too.)

If you want to make use of your organizational skills, a job in supply chain management may offer the opportunities that you want – and the supply chain management career outlook is very impressive.

What is a Supply Chain Manager?

A supply chain manager is a type of logistician for retail companies or supply chains. When you look for a supply chain manager description, you want to understand the responsibilities of the role. A supply chain manager coordinates every part of the supply chain. You handle the logistics from the planning to delivery and returns.

There are five primary responsibilities to organize and oversee as a supply chain manager, which include:

  • Planning or creating a strategy for the supply chain
  • Obtaining the materials needed for product development
  • Creating or developing a product
  • Shipping out orders or ensuring proper delivery to your customers
  • Setting up a system for returns when products are defective or customers are not happy with the product

A supply chain manager is a leader in charge of ensuring that a company is able to keep up with customer demands for their products. You have an important role in the business and you take on a variety of responsibilities to handle the process. It is a job that requires organizational skills as well as careful planning and development skills, and the place to learn these skills is in business school. Common education choices, besides a dedicated supply chain management degree, including technology management, doctor of management, and doctor of business administration.

Supply Chain Manager Career Outlook

The supply chain management career outlook is positive. Roles for logisticians will continue growing at a similar rate as other jobs in the market. As companies continue to move more of their services online and provide customers with the option to purchase products through their online stores, you will have more challenges and responsibilities.

Due to the growing use of online tools and stores, you can expect an increase in career opportunities, as well as continuing growth in supply chain manager salary. While the supply chain management career outlook is positive, you may need to start as an analyst or a support role before a company provides an opportunity to take on a leadership role. You will benefit from an education in supply chain management because you will have a strong foundation in the skills you need to handle challenges within the supply chain.

Supply Chain Manager Salary Expectations

The income you may receive as a supply chain manager depends on a variety of factors. The average supply chain manager salary ranges from $70,000 to $125,000, depending on the company and the industry. A supply chain manager may work in retail, aerospace or energy sectors, so your salary may vary based on the location and the company. The average supply chain manager salary is around $105,000 per year. Keep in mind that many companies offer a bonus to supply chain managers based on performance, so the best managers may make more than the average income.

When you want to know the supply chain manager description for a new career opportunity, you want to start with clarifying the job responsibilities and risks. You will take on a leadership role, but it is a challenging career that requires planning and strategy as well as clear solutions for unexpected challenges. Fortunately, the supply chain manager career outlook is attractive, and you will have opportunities to grow in your career.